Ways to Overcome Zoom Fatigue – It’s Real

What is Zoom Fatigue? Why is it occurring?

Zoom Fatigue is the term used for referring to the feeling of weariness or mental exhaustion that occurs due to the overuse of virtual platforms, and that too it is specifically associated with videoconferencing. Yes! This is real and various researches and studies have now proved this manifestation of Zoom fatigue. They also state that relatively our brains become a lot happier when we meet or communicate in person, as compared to a virtual conference meeting.

How does Zoom Fatigue Impact Corporations?

The Covid-19 pandemic has bound almost everyone to their work desks, and eyes are being continuously glued to their screens. There has been not just an increase in the screen timings, but also in the number of video conferences and virtual meetings, which eventually leads to Zoom Fatigue. And this is impacting the work efficiency of the employees as well as the corporation in a highly negative manner. Stress and work pressure, which is caused due to spending long hours in front of the camera during work, can be considered an actual risk for productivity levels and employee engagement.

What Challenges is Zoom Fatigue creating?

The major challenges to be faced because of zoom fatigue are to sit and stare at the screens for long hours while one is entirely tired. And also, it makes it difficult to process information effectively in the brain, thereby creating a lot of confusion.

What strategies can be adopted to improve this situation?

Firstly, it is very much important for a corporation to set certain guidelines regarding the videoconference and try to avoid this if it isn’t really necessary. Furthermore, another best practice would be to encourage the employees to take short breaks and rest down leaving all the technological devices aside.

So, this was all about what zoom fatigue is and how it is impacting everyone in their daily lives and a few ways to overcome this hardship are also listed here.

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