Organizational Culture Inventory

Cintamani Group is a strategy consulting firm that helps leaders of organizations assess and develop the organizational culture that will enable them to achieve their business objectives.

We use the Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI®) to help you measure your organizational culture, pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses, and determine how it can be improved. The OCI is the world’s most thoroughly researched and widely used culture assessment for measuring organizational culture. It goes beyond corporate culture, company culture, and workplace culture, as the cultural dimensions it measures apply to all types of organizations.

We're looking forward to helping you make your company a better place for each other!

How would you like to know exactly how to shape your company culture so that it works best for your employees and your business?

We’re here to help you do just that. We use the Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI®) to assess the health of your current company culture, and then we provide suggestions on how you can use that knowledge to build a positive and effective culture for your team

What Are the Benefits?

Are you ready to make your company a happier, more productive work environment?

It’s never too late to bring the OCI into your organization. The OCI will provide members at all levels with an understanding of how they’re currently expected to approach their work and interact with one another—and how the existing norms either support or interfere with problem-solving and task performance.

The OCI is invaluable for signalling and/or validating the need for cultural transformation, and supporting programs to enhance strategy implementation, employee engagement and inclusion, quality, and reliability, and/or customer service.

Surveys members in 12 organizational subcultures (e.g., top management, middle management, R&D) at 4 levels (individual, team, departmental/divisional, organizational) to get a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the culture

Provides robust data about how employees perceive their environment at all levels—including employees’ beliefs about norms for behaviour, values, and assumptions underlying those norms, skills required to succeed in the culture, and current levels of performance regarding quality and innovation.

Identifies localized cultures within an organization—so leaders can easily pinpoint specific groups that are acting in ways that support or undermine the overall goals of the organization

Reveals where participants agree or disagree on their perceptions of what’s normative in the organization—so leaders can open up conversations about why these differences exist and how they might be bridged

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Are you ready to embrace change?

We know you want to make a change, but it can feel like a daunting task. Since 1994, the Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI) has helped thousands of organizations worldwide to identify the points at which they need to make changes in order to meet their strategic goals.

We at Cintamani Group, have a network of accredited consultants who are experienced in using the OCI and bringing about successful culture change. If you would like to know more about the Organisational Culture Inventory, or any of our assessments, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you!


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