Accelerate Your Growth with a Rapidly Adaptive Business Model

The New Way to Lead and Drive Change​

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Accelerate Your Growth With A Rapidly Adaptive Business Model

The New Way To Lead and Drive Change

A future of ever-accelerating change requires an organization with a culture of continuous learning and innovation

We help clients create cultures of continuous learning and innovation, transform their people and organization for greater agility, and accelerate business results

About Us

We believe in human and organizational potential

What is needed is creating the right environment that can help people thrive. Creating a culture of continuous learning and innovation, to build a company of greater agility that can adapt to and drive market changes. Organizations that achieve this, create accelerated results and impact. 

This is our passion, helping people and organizations come together to create a greater impact to inspire and benefit others. With this commitment, we bring together the latest research in strategy, human potential, organizational culture, and learning that empower organizations to not only thrive but drive market changes. 

Why Focus on Organizational Culture & Learning Capabilities?

Markets and economic changes are driving organizations to grow and adapt at unprecedented rates. Driving organizations to grow faster than ever. The best ones are harnessing that change to adapt to market shifts and help their people thrive.

The worst companies get stuck in the past, falling behind more agile competitors who can shift market expectations. This is usually seen in startups, who have more room to experiment without a long history of doing things the same way.

But this doesn’t have to be the case for older businesses. Even the largest corporations can use their size and scale to implement new technology, change their processes, and make agility and growth a top priority.

It’s all about creating a culture of acceleration, learning, and innovation that drives rapid market changes. Here at Cintamani Group, we help our clients do just that: adapt to rapidly shifting markets and help their people grow with actionable strategies that stick.

We understand that people are the heartbeat of every organization. They drive its core business and develop products/services that positively impact customers or the world. They are also responsible for the organization’s competitive advantage in a fast-changing market.

We provide our clients with a unique set of services to help them create a culture of acceleration, learning, and innovation. Our portfolio includes comprehensive strategic consulting and implementation strategies, organizational culture index, leadership development and coaching, and specialized programs such as team development, and virtual and workplace collaboration. We also offer a wide range of workshops and seminars focused on professional development and teambuilding activities.

Why work with us?

We're not just a consulting company; we're a partner in your growth.

We help organizations maximize their people's potential so they can accelerate the impact of their organization on the world around them. We don't just come in and offer an assessment of how you can improve your business—we actually help you make those improvements happen. Facilitate transformational experiences that empower individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive. our goal is to create a culture of acceleration, learning, and innovation that helps you adapt to and drive rapid changes in the market.




Organizational Culture & Adaptive Learning Expertise


Human Potential and Leadership

Helping clients empower their people to thrive and create an accelerated organization that amplifies positive effects within their lives, organization, and industry.

There are many

Challenges and Complexities

involved in developing and
sustaining an adaptive organization
Welp organizations define the gap between their learning and development strategies and the skills necessary to create a culture of acceleration, learning, and innovation that can adapt to rapidly changing markets.

Our Affiliates and Partners


“[Regarding Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Model] I like to define my coaching experience as a nonintrusive journey in self-discovery. It was great to discover my development areas as a leader, but to understand my strengths and how I can use them to potentiate me as a leader. I always prided myself on the strength of the teams I have assembled and surrounding myself with great talent as drivers in achieving good things together. But, having the opportunity for coaching allowed me to get closer to my team. I learned about vulnerability and humbleness and how important they are to demonstrate as the CEO, and how they can impact performance as a team. Today, I can say that we have established a foundation to be great, to face our challenges together, and that we are a much stronger senior team. In Summary, my work has had great results and a huge impact on me, my team and our organization. Simply amazing!!”
Armando Uriegas
CEO-Director General, Nielsen México
“Ngan’s support has been invaluable for my business. She swiftly helped me get clear on the value of my services and how to easily create an offer for maximum income and impact! What’s unique about Ngan is her skills both as a brilliant business strategist and insightful coach that identifies and shifts the internal barriers that keep us stuck. She will take you deep and generate results.”
Rionach Aiken
CEO Non-Profit Organization
“Ngan’s combination of intelligence, wisdom and empathy were a powerful force for teasing out where my life’s purpose intersected with my skills and experience. She was able to understand my business idea as deeply tied to the broader vision for my life, and quickly identified very tangible steps I could take to move forward in a way that honored the commitment I have to stay aligned with my highest purpose. Her insightful, tactical guidance inspired the significant progress I made on my project within days of our coaching session---what a gift”!
Stephanie Owen
CEO and Founder Empathy Academy
“Delivered with an unmatched style, [the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Model] impacted me deeply, creating an enduring awareness of my inherent talents which have since been fueling both my personal and professional life.”
Fabio Potenti, MD,
Chief Medical Operations Officer, Cleveland Clinic-Florida
[Regarding Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Model] The assessments of my effectiveness and then developing a plan to improve my leadership skills based on the results of those assessments were “revealing!” I am much more aware of who I am and how my behavior and delivery impacts people in every communication both in my professional and personal life”
Chris Schartz
Vice President, Ruskin

Did you know

54% of innovating organizations have trouble bridging the gap between innovation strategy and the larger business strategy.
Effective organizational culture and adaptive learning that works with and for your teams are essential for the organization to keep up with the increasing pace of growth of the market.
*Source: PwC Innovation Benchmark,
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