Highlights of Leadership Coaching and Culture Trends

Highlights of Leadership Coaching
Together with the new calendar, leaders all around the world have new priorities in place.

The calendar for this year is just beginning. Together with the new calendar, leaders all around the world have new priorities in place. These new priorities are aimed at making sure that at the end of the year, the calendar would be more filled and eventful than the previous year

It has been discovered that one of the most fruitful relationships in a corporate setting is that which exists between leadership and corporate culture. This is the reason being up to date on emerging trends is so important. When leadership and corporate culture are allowed to mix in a unique relationship, the result would definitely be more than what would be achievable if they were independent of each other. But it should be noted that without excellence in both of these areas, it would be impossible to fully utilize your potential as a business. So, the question now is “how can I improve my leadership coaching and culture skills in 2019 to make my business more successful?”

With the new year, there are new trends that you could consider. During the course of this article, we will be considering four new, major trends that leading companies have decided to explore this year.

1. Laying More Emphasis on Continuous Learning

This is a concept many are familiar with. Continuous learning in a corporate atmosphere (career leaning) is synonymous with other terms such as “professional development”, “upskilling” and “retraining”. This does not refer only to academic improvements, such as the learning of a new programming language or something else along that line. It is more related to human emotion. Soft and hard skills are becoming a necessity for many employees today because the world has made just about everything automatic. Hence, when a certain employee makes use of the acquired skills to satisfy customers, the employers tend to reward the effort of the employee. So customer satisfaction by employees is a priority. This also serves to elicit better employee engagement and satisfaction. Moreover, you also have a higher employee retention rate.

2.Quality of Culture has Improved

If you are still wondering how important culture is, the quote “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” should answer your question. This quote by Peter Drucker is not implying that strategy is unimportant. On the contrary, strategy is very important. But without the right cultural foundation, the use of strategy would be flawed to an extent. To make the necessary improvements, it is pertinent to first describe the current culture just as it is. Then, practical plans are made on the best way to make positive improvements.

Use of strategy would only be extremely effective when an organization has a sound culture (made up of stories and other organizational practices) serving to give the strategy a boost.

A transformational leader demonstrates great compassion, creativity and a clear vision of the direction of the organization.

3. Developing an Agile Leadership

It is a fact that small, multi-disciplinary teams have a swifter response to fast-changing conditions that large enterprises. But for large enterprises to make their response time faster involves more than making sure that one understands the importance of agility. There is a need to eliminate some part of the multiple layers of steps or procedure involved in making decisions that only serve to slow down the process. Next, employees at various levels should be given a little leeway when it comes to making informed decisions pertaining to their responsibilities. Then, situations in which the use of agility has served as an advantage to the company should be recognized. This is to encourage everyone to remain vigilant.

4. Pay More Attention to Emerging Leaders

It would be wiser to focus on prospective or emerging leaders long before they are allowed to serve. This may involve working with overlooked persons (overlooked maybe because of their background or unique life experience when compared with current leaders). Training someone to be a leader does not start when the person becomes a leader, but long before that time. Due to the fact that leadership succession planning is vital to all organizations, providing leadership coaching while working with prospective leaders could aid in boosting the results of the leadership succession plan.

As companies unfurl and mark out their calendars for the new year, they could decide to make leadership coaching a vital part of all four trends. After all, leadership coaching could also serve as a continuous learning process, which also improves corporate culture while preparing the emerging leaders to be agile in responsiveness; and finally turning prospective leaders to effective leaders.

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