How Leadership Coaching Can Help With Ineffective Leadership

How Leadership Coaching Can Help
For any company or organization, bad and ineffective leadership can be severely detrimental to the growth and progress of that organization.

How Leadership Coaching Can Help With Ineffective Leadership?

For any company or organization, bad and ineffective leadership can be severely detrimental to the growth and progress. Ineffective leadership leads to a lot of negative effects in the company that can lead the company to poor financial results, reduction in revenue generated by the company, total reduction in staff commitment and motivation towards the company, lack of company and staff synergy. These can lead to a total reduction in the company value that may lead to company closure.

Ineffective leaders do not always feel that there is a need for improvement. Most of them always feel so complacent towards their duties as a leader which may eventually lead to low morale on the part of their followers. Being a leader means that you are in charge of every decision making that takes place in your company and one thing we should take note of is that it is not everybody that occupies a leadership position is fit to be called a leader. However, there are several ways by which we can characterize an ineffective leader. They include:

Poor Communication

When there is very poor communication between the leader and the followers, that is where the problem begins in an organization. An Ineffective leader always gives misguided information and tends to always act without proper consultation which makes them lose their credibility in the long run.

Bad Character

Most times, ineffective leadership is caused by lack of character on the part of the leader. When a leader lacks character, he/she will not be able to withstand the trials and pressure that is associated with the job.

Lack of Focus

Ineffective leadership is caused by leaders who lack focus in the carrying of their various duties. They do not pay proper attention to the nitty-gritty involved in the day-to-day running of their organization. Effective leadership is all about performance and a leader who cannot properly focus and perform will not be successful in business.

To effectively curb ineffective leadership amongst individuals, leadership coaching has been introduced and leadership coaches all around the world have done a whole lot in improving leader in one form or the other. Leadership coaching helps to effectively build leadership traits such as communication, collaboration, teamwork and productivity. Leadership coaching helps executives and managers to effectively empower their followers and employees to reach for new levels and goals.

Leadership coaching helps executives and managers to more effectively empower their followers and employees to reach for new levels and goals.

Through the coaching partnership, leaders can effectively identify and map out opportunities for the development of their employees and also see to it that the team’s weaknesses and strengths effectively key into their roles in the company. Most of these successful companies around especially the top fortune 500 companies effectively hire these leadership and executive business coaches in order to promote good management in an organization. The benefits of leadership coaching include:

They help you have better use of your time and resources

Leadership coaching helps leaders in several diverse fields identify opportunities for growth, establish your given priorities and to know and curtail where you are spending your time and your resources. They help you to properly allocate resources in accordance with the needs of the organization.

Enhance organizational communication

Leadership coaching helps to improve the overall communication in the company by generally helping the leaders to proper focus on what others are saying. They effectively teach leaders a method known as reflexive listening and this method is bound to help you make your beliefs, philosophies and visions known and shared with others.

Enhance emotional intelligence for business

In business, emotional intelligence is the capacity to being aware of your own emotions and not to allow them to affect your interpersonal relationships. This, however, makes leaders be self-aware and understand the emotions of other people around them and enables leaders to properly build deeper interpersonal relations based on these emotions.

Get a positive ROI

Leadership coaching also has its own financial impact in companies and organization as most top executives all over the world have reported that they have witnessed over 500% return on investment in coaching.


Leadership coaching plays a very important role in curbing ineffective leadership among executives in major organizations. More companies should try their very best to invest more in leadership coaching to improve the overall company’s productivity.

If you would like to develop leadership effectiveness of emerging leaders in your company, I invite you to learn more about the Intelligent Leadership Coaching program. Recently named one of the top three advanced leadership development programs in the world, it is a 9 to 12 month “immersive” leadership and personal growth journey that unlocks and unleashes a leader’s full potential so they truly become the best leaders and people they can be.

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